Training pants

Is your child almost toilet trained, but accidents still happen regularly? The HappyBear training pants with cheerful prints make potty training fun. Because who wants to pee in such nice training pants?

What are exercise pants?

The training pants look a lot like underpants, but have an absorbent padding that can absorb the pee. When children pee in the training pants, they quickly feel the uncomfortable wetness. This increases awareness, so that your child is potty trained faster. For extra absorption of the training pants you can always add an extra bamboo insert to use.  

Due to the stretchy fabric, your child can wear the training pants from 2 to about 4 years old!

 Training pants, why would you?

  • Exercise pants speed up potty training
  • Stretchy fabric for a perfect fit of the training pants
  • Training pants have a waterproof, breathable outer layer, this prevents leakage
  • Soft cotton inner layer of the training pants has a two-layer microfibre core
  • Practice pants are the deal for absorbing minor accidents