Swim diapers

On holiday, at the sea or just by the pool in the garden? You only need two swimming diapers from HappyBear and your child will have swimming fun all summer long! 

Swim diapers with swimming fun

Like disposable diapers, the washable swim diaper does not retain moisture. The urine runs through the swim diaper and is broken down by the chlorine in the pool water. This makes the swim diaper nice and light and your baby can move freely. 

The use of swim diapers

You use the same swim diaper from birth until your baby is about 3 years old. You can adjust the HappyBear swim diaper with the handy push buttons on the front. Thinking about which size swim diapers you take with you on holiday is therefore a thing of the past. 

Make sure that the swim diaper fits snugly around your baby's legs and torso, so that any faeces cannot run out. There is no need for a disposable swim diaper under the HappyBear swim diaper.

 Swim diapers, why would you?

  • Swim diapers are adjustable in size 
  • Swim diapers from HappyBear Diapers are light and compact
  • Good fit due to elastic closure
  • Swim diapers can be used from birth to 2-3 years
  • HappyBear swim diapers are washable at 40 degrees


* Swim diapers are not allowed in the dryer