Dragons' Den superdeal

Jeffrey Scholten, the founder of HappyBear Diapers, couldn't believe his luck after his participation in Dragons' Den in 2021. Investor Shawn Harris offered no less than 400,000 euros for a twenty percent stake. That deal was quickly made. The washable nappies are now on the shelves of several large retailers.

Huge demand

After the broadcast, there was great interest in HappyBear Diapers: many visitors, emails and telephone calls. The demand for washable diapers has exploded. That gigantic peak was short-lived, but the demand for HappyBear's sustainable diapers is still growing. Production has been scaled up considerably with the four tons that Shawn invested. Jeffrey also invested in marketing and additional staff.

Happy with Shawn Harris

Jeffrey and his associate are happy to have Shawn as an investor. They knew from other participants that Shawn not only came by personally to finalize the deal, but also the follow-up process via the startup accelerator. Orange Wings well guided. That shows a commitment, which the men of HappyBear have now also experienced.

diaper now

Being able to increase the stock of washable diapers was one of the reasons for participating in Dragons' Den. But the broadcast was also a great platform to polish up the image of washable diapers. The old-fashioned cloth and safety pin are long gone. Due to the broadcast, even more parents see the HappyBear Diapers as the diapers of today: beautiful and better for your baby, your wallet and the environment.


Sustainability is more important than ever. An average child needs six to seven thousand diapers before he or she is potty trained. All those diapers together make up eight to ten percent of the waste in the Netherlands. The washable diapers therefore make a big difference, also in the wallet. Even including washing, parents are on average a thousand euros cheaper per diaper period than with disposable diapers.