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About HappyBear

Good for your baby and good for the future

You and your baby come first with us.
That's why HappyBear's washable diapers are easy to use and comfortable for you

Moreover, with our sustainable diapers we make the future a bit better together. because
your child is the future.

Easy for you

Washable diapers complicated? Not at all. Thanks to the easy closure, you can change your
baby in seconds. You can adjust the size with the press studs on the front, so
you can use the diaper from birth until your baby is toilet trained. So you never have
need more new diapers. This in turn saves time and costs.

Good for is a baby

Red tickets? Not if it's up to us. With HappyBear Diapers your baby has less chance
to allergic reactions. They are made of natural materials such as cotton,
bamboo and hemp. Due to the soft interior and absorbent inner lining, the
diaper comfortably for your baby's skin. Because more beautiful is always more fun, the
washable diapers from HappyBear also have the most beautiful unique prints.

Good for the future

We aim for a better future with our sustainable materials and natural products.
More and more parents are choosing HappyBear Diapers and our impact is increasing
bigger, or rather: smaller! How nice would it be if washable diapers were the new normal
are in a world where we consider the environment and nature?

We make sure that our washable nappies don't cost more than necessary. You don't pay the price for
sustainability. But with our washable diapers you do contribute to a better world for
your child and future generations.

HappyBear - Together we can change the world.

washable diapers, why would you?

  • Washable diapers are less likely to cause allergic reactions because they are made from natural materials such as cotton, bamboo and hemp
  • The HappyBear diapers are of high quality
  • Washable diapers produce less residual waste (365 kg)
  • Washable diapers generate less CO2 emissions (49%)
  • Children who use cloth diapers are more likely to be potty trained
  • Washable diapers are cheaper than disposable diapers (average €1,000 over the entire diaper period)
  • The HappyBear Diapers have the most beautiful unique prints
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