Two-piece diapers

HappyBear's two-piece diapers consist of a bamboo diaper and waterproof diaper pants. You can use the diaper pants several times before you have to wash them. The bamboo night diaper has a high absorption capacity and you change it with every change. The bamboo diaper can be adjusted in size and has a simple Velcro closure. 


If you need extra absorption, use extra bamboo booster of hemp booster in the diaper.


The diaper pants from HappyBear are available with a sturdy press stud closure or a handy Velcro closure. Like all HappyBear diapers, the diaper pants are also adjustable in several sizes thanks to the press studs on the front.

For the stool you use our handy bamboo inserts. After changing, you simply throw the insert in the trash. 

Make sure that the nappy pants fit snugly around the legs and torso and that the bamboo diaper or inserts do not protrude. Make sure the diaper pants are not too tight, otherwise you will get stretch marks. Keep about 2 fingers of space between the belly and the diaper pants.

The diaper pants are available in several fun and cheerful prints and are made of a waterproof fabric and good elastic closures around the legs and torso

  • Velcro or press stud closure closure
  • Adjustable in size
  • Can be used from birth to toilet training
  • Extra double leg gutters to prevent leakage
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