Washable diapers

Washable diapers with a good story

Washable diapers from HappyBear Diapers - Good for your baby and good for the future. 

A better future thanks to washable diapers

Every choice you make partly determines what your future will look like. So also the future of your children. On average, children wear more than 5,400 diapers, almost 5 a day, until they are toilet trained. Using disposable diapers results in 25 kilos of waste per child per month. Fortunately, more and more parents are choosing washable diapers, which means our impact is becoming bigger, or better said, smaller! 

HappyBear - Together we can change the world

Washable diapers are good for your baby

Washable diapers are not only better for the environment, but also for your baby. With HappyBear Diapers, your child has less chance of allergic reactions. Washable diapers are made from natural materials such as cotton, bamboo and hemp. Because the washable diapers feel wetter than disposable diapers, children also feel what is happening. This means your child can become toilet trained 1 to 1.5 years earlier! 

Buying washable diapers is good for your wallet

The initial investment of buying washable diapers is larger, but over the entire period that you use diapers you save a considerable amount compared to disposable diapers. On average it saves €1,000 per child! And if you also use the washable diapers for a second child, the costs are of course much lower.

Your wishes are important

We listened to what you find important. That's why our washable diapers meet your needs: 

  • High quality
  • Tested and assessed by 'real' parents 
  • Washable diapers are made from the best fabrics 
  • Highest possible absorption 
  • Unique prints

Washable diapers, why would you? 

  • Washable diapers are less likely to cause allergic reactions because they are made of... natural materials such as cotton, bamboo and hemp
  • The HappyBear Diapers are from High Quality
  • Produce washable diapers less residual waste (365 kg)
  • Generate cloth diapers less CO2 emissions (49%)
  • Children who use cloth diapers are earlier potty trained
  • Cloth diapers are cheaper than disposable diapers (on average €1,000 over the entire diaper period)
  • The HappyBear Diapers have the most beautiful ones unique prints
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