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Disposable diaper trade-in promotion 2022

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Fill out the form below and receive a free shipping label to send us your disposable diapers! Please read our procedure and conditions of this trade-in at the bottom of the page before submitting your application.

Unfortunately, the promotion has expired and you can no longer participate.

Disposable diapers - an annual waste mountain of 150 million kilos!

Approximately 530,000 children in the Netherlands wear diapers every year. According to Milieu Centraal, disposable diapers generate 150 million kilos of waste every year (8-10% of all residual waste in the Netherlands). Per child that is about 300 kilos per year or 25 kilos per month! 

Many parents are not aware of this, but did you know that children in washable diapers are on average 1 year earlier than children in disposable diapers? Washable diapers are no longer as old-fashioned and dirty as many people think.

HappyBear is launching a 'trade-in promotion' to introduce washable diapers to parents. In the coming period, for example, you will receive €0.50 per disposable diaper if you exchange your disposable diapers for washable diapers.*

* See all our promotion conditions and game rules at the bottom of this page.

Benefits of washable diapers

The demand for washable diapers continues to increase. It is no longer the old-fashioned cloth, but a modern washable diaper that is becoming a serious competitor to the disposable diapers. 

In recent years we have noticed that more and more parents are opting for our washable diapers. Where you see that the choice between breastfeeding and formula feeding is very normal, you see that the use of disposable diapers is 'packaged' with us. 

There is still a whole world to gain, but now we sell our diapers throughout Europe and they are available at large retail chains in the Netherlands, such as Baby Park and various drugstores and supermarkets. The manufacturers of disposable diapers are keeping a close eye on developments, because they have seen their market share continue to decline in recent years due to the rise of washable diapers. That is not surprising when you consider that children in washable nappies are toilet trained on average 1 year earlier, parents save an average of 300 kilograms in waste and they also save at least € 1000 in costs (even including washing!) over the entire period. diaper period.

But what's stopping parents from using washable diapers?

Many parents still have a very old-fashioned and dirty image of washable diapers, when they are just as easy to use as disposable diapers. You can now collect faeces with a handy biodegradable insert that you place in the diaper. The chance is therefore small that feces will get into your diaper.

Disposable diaper exchange procedure

By registering for our disposable diaper trade-in you automatically agree to the procedure and conditions below. You can register for the trade-in action until May 31, 2022e

  • You fill in the registration form above with the number of disposable diapers you are going to hand in
  • For Dutch households: After registration you will receive an e-mail within a few days with a free DPD return label. You send the disposable diapers in a good and sturdy outer box and hand in the package within 14 days at a DPD parcel point near you.
  • For Belgian households: After registration you will receive a confirmation email within a few days. You send the package to HappyBear at your own expense. You will receive all information about sending by e-mail.
  • After we have received and checked your package, we will email you a voucher within 2 weeks that you can redeem via happybeardiapers.com.

Conditions disposable diaper exchange promotion

  • You will receive a shopping credit of €0.50 for each disposable diaper that is returned to you via happybeardiapers.com.
  • There is a limit of €50 per participant - equivalent to 100 disposable diapers.
  • The promotion is only valid for Dutch and Belgian households. A different procedure applies to Belgian households.
  • A maximum of one participation per household applies to this trade-in promotion.
  • We only accept unused disposable diapers.
  • All brands and sizes of disposable diapers participate in the trade-in promotion.
  • The voucher cannot be used in combination with other promotions, coupons and discount codes.
  • In case of suspected abuse or fraud, HappyBear has the right to exclude participants (with retroactive effect) from this trade-in promotion.
  • The voucher can be used for all products from the HappyBear range and is valid until December 31, 2022.