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The bestwashable diaper for your child

Our washable diapers are easy to use, cost effective and sustainable. They are better for your baby's skin and reduce waste. HappyBear makes washable diapers an easy choice!

★★★★★ 9.6/10 with 1000+ reviews

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Why washable diapers?

  • Washable diapers are better for the environment, you save a lot of waste
  • It's cheaper, you only buy washable diapers once
  • Washable diapers are a healthy choice due to the use of natural materials
  • Children are more likely to be toilet trained, they notice what is happening
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    Trial package


    An affordable test package, so you can test all popular HappyBear diapers.

    • 1 pocketluier
    • 1 microfiber booster
    • 1 bamboo booster
    • 1 All-In-One Dagluier
    • 1 bamboo night diaper
    • 1 diaper pant
    • 1 roll of bamboo inserts
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    Full-time packed


    With the HappyBear Fulltime Washable Diaper Package you get everything you need for full diaper use.

    • 20 All-In-One dagluiers
    • 10 bamboo night diapers
    • 4 diaper pants
    • 1 roll of bamboo inserts
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    Part-time package


    Are you looking for a convenient and sustainable diaper solution that does not require you to completely switch to washable diapers?

    • 8 All-In-One dagluiers
    • 4 bamboo night diapers
    • 2 diaper pants
    • 1 roll of inserts
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    Together we can change the world

    Our goal? Making the world a little better for the next generations. A world in which we take the environment and nature into account. More and more parents are choosing our sustainable products, together we contribute to a better future. Together we can change the world.

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