Feb 16 2024

How many washable diapers do you need?

Hoeveel wasbare luiers heb je nodig?

A frequently asked question when using washable diapers is: How many do you actually need? Finding the balance between enough diapers and not too many can be a challenge. We also want to emphasize that even part-time use already makes a significant contribution to sustainability.

How many washable diapers for full-time use?

For full-time use we generally recommend a base of 25-30 diapers. This amount is based on the following guidelines per age:

Newborns (0-3 months): Average 6-8 diapers per day.
Infants (3-12 months): Average 6-7 diapers per day.
Toddlers (12 months and older): Average 6 diapers per day.

In addition, add 2 extra diapers if you choose to use washable diapers at night. 

Part-time use of cloth diapers

Cloth diapers can also be used part-time, with parents having the freedom to decide when and how to use them. Consider:

  • Using washable diapers only during the day or at night.
  • Part-time use, for example alone at home.

Do what makes you feel good. Every diaper you save contributes to sustainability.

Flexibility according to need

The number of diapers required may vary based on the individual needs of the baby and parents. During the initial period, when parents change their baby more often, it may be necessary to temporarily have more diapers or wash more often. This is normal and will adjust as the baby gets older and needs changing less frequently.

Personal choice and acceptance
Every parent has their own comfort level and lifestyle. It is important to remember that unfortunately not all childcare locations accept cloth diapers. We encourage parents to do what they feel comfortable with and what fits into their daily routine.


Determining the right amount of cloth diapers is a personal choice, depending on the needs of the baby and the parents. Whether you choose full-time use or part-time flexibility, every step towards sustainability counts. We offer various benefit bundles, including a full-time washable diaper package and a part-time washable diaper package .

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