Feb 01 2024

Why inserts are indispensable for washable diapers

Waarom inlegvellen onmisbaar zijn bij wasbare luiers

Choosing washable diapers is a conscious step towards more sustainable care for your baby. However, a frequently heard barrier when switching to washable diapers is the concern about cleaning them. This is where inserts come into the picture: this handy addition significantly lowers that threshold by effectively collecting stool. Let's see why inserts play such a valuable role when using cloth diapers.

How inserts make a difference

Inserts are thin, cloth-like layers that you place inside the cloth diaper. Their main task? Collecting feces, making it much easier to clean the diaper. Once your baby has put something in their diaper, all you have to do is remove the insert and throw it away or rinse it out, depending on the type. This means that the washable diaper itself remains much cleaner and requires less intensive washing.

The benefits of inserts

Easier Cleaning: Inserts take the biggest worry out of using cloth diapers by simplifying the cleaning process.

Diaper protection: By collecting feces, washable diapers stay clean for longer and in better condition.

Comfortable: The inserts feel soft and comfortable on your baby's skin.

Many parents are enthusiastic about the environmental friendliness and cost savings of washable diapers, but dread the cleaning process. Insert sheets significantly lower this threshold, allowing more parents to dare to make the switch. With inserts, caring for your baby is not only more sustainable, but also more practical.

Always prepared with a stock of inserts
To always be prepared, it is smart to have a good supply of inserts on hand. Look at our extra affordable discount bundle with 5 rolls of inserts. 

We have 2 sizes of inserts. The XL inserts are more useful as children grow older and become more mobile. 

Durable washable inserts

HappyBear's washable fleece inserts are a sustainable alternative to disposable bamboo inserts. After changing, you can shake off the solid stool from the fleece insert above the toilet. The deep pile fibers ensure that the stool does not stick quickly.

Conclusion insert sheets for washable diapers

Inserts are a simple addition to your diaper care routine that makes a big difference. They make the use of cloth diapers a lot more accessible and provide a more pleasant experience for both you and your baby. By lowering the barrier to cleaning washable diapers, inserts encourage more parents to make this sustainable choice.

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