Mar 12 2024

Personal stories: The switch to washable diapers

Persoonlijke verhalen: De overstap naar wasbare luiers

In the world of new parents, few choices are as personal and diverse as the type of diapers used for their baby. With the growing attention to sustainability, more and more families are choosing washable diapers . This choice is not only good for the planet, but can also be more economical and gentler on baby's skin. Yet the switch is no small step for some parents. In this blog, three families share their experiences with the switch to washable diapers. Their stories show the doubts, challenges, but above all the many benefits.

Erik and Marianne
“When we started, I really thought we were going to drown in the laundry ,” Marianne admits. "But it's actually not that bad. And the amount of waste we save is really astonishing." For Erik and Marianne, the motivation to switch was twofold: the enormous mountain of waste that disposable diapers produced and the constant diaper rash from their daughter, Eva. “I was skeptical about whether cloth diapers would make a difference to Eva's skin, but within a week we saw improvement,” shares Erik. “That alone made the switch worth it.”

Alex and Samira
“We were concerned that cloth diapers would not be practical, especially at night,” says Samira. "But that fear was unfounded. Our little one sleeps through the night without leaking." Alex and Samira especially appreciate the community support surrounding cloth diapers. “Sharing experiences and tips with other parents made a big difference. It felt like we were not alone,” says Alex. "And the diapers themselves? They're as user-friendly as they can be."

Thomas as Julia
“It seemed like an expensive investment at first,” Thomas recalls. “But if you spread it out over the time you use them, you actually save money.” Julia was especially surprised by the impact on the environment. "It feels good to know that we produce less waste. And honestly, the cute designs make changing a lot more fun." The switch was an eye-opener for both of them. “You don't really think about how much waste you produce with disposable diapers until you switch,” says Julia. “This small change really has a big impact.”

Experiences with washable diapers
By sharing these personal stories, we want to highlight the different experiences and perhaps ease some of the doubts for parents considering making the switch to cloth diapers. Every family has their own reasons and discovers their own benefits, but the common thread is clear: cloth diapers offer benefits not only for the environment and the wallet, but also for the well-being of the baby.

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